Hi, we're BIGUMAKU.



BIGUMAKU offers beautiful artwork, exciting stories, and space for loads of user creativity and interaction. We’re targeting the casual gamer, but giving them a greater sense of ownership. From fun user-generated content, to creature collectors, we’ve already produced some exciting games and are currently working on our third!

We are excited to be part of a burgeoning indie art and illustration scene here in the UK (you can find us in East London). Our co-founders’ goals and values grew first as a tiny seed within comic publisher Nobrow Press, and then through our first foray into app development, Minilab Studios. Now, we're ready to change the tune with games for all ages.


Who are we?

We’re a small team of artists and developers who grew up in the 80s and 90s, and you could say we’re gamers. All right, we’re big on gaming: we’ve spent over 100 years collectively honing our skills and obsessing over visuals, mechanics, music and more! Our team members have worked for both AAA and indie studios. And our apps are absolutely labours of love: we make sure what we deliver is something that we, as gamers, would play ourselves. That means everything from well-designed UI to contemporary illustration and animation. And as we’ve fallen in love with mobile games over the last few years, we’ve taken into account what mobile players are looking for: great UI, rewarding play, personalisation, and the chance to play for shorter bursts of time. We hope you love what we’re making as much as we do.

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