More Top Tips for Hilda Creatures!

Last weekend we ran a competition to see who had reached the highest level in Hilda Creatures so far - and our winner was Lv35! This week, we’ve seen even higher, with some reaching the late 40s… in short, our users are obviously skilled strategists! But there’s always more to learn and some of the app’s secrets will only be revealed as you progress - but because we’re terrible at keeping secrets, here are some more insider tips to get started on this weekend…

  1. How to earn mementos. A memento is a special ribbon, added to your Friendship Book once you’ve reached 100% friendship with a particular creature. But how best to reach 100%? The key is to look at the likes/dislike icons (learn more here) and put out more items they will like to attract them as often as possible.

  2. The difference between missions and achievements. When the Wood Man gives you a mission and you accept it, it is stored in your Achievements tab (the yellow exclamation mark). Completed missions will earn you either normal acorns, or gold acorns (woo-hoo!). On the other hand, long-term achievements earn you Sparrow Scout badges. You’ll find those in the Achievements tab too, underneath the missions list. First, you’ll earn a Bronze, then Silver, then Gold version of each badge. Simply tap the badge to view more details, or to collect a new one if the green progress bar is full.

  3. How to save and share your Friendship Book photos. Taken a particularly good shot of a snow-covered woff, or even a volcanic troll? Open up your Friendship Book and tap on the creature to bring up their specific page. Then, tap ‘See All Photos’. Choose the photo you’d like to share, and then tap the share button - you can export it to your device, or straight to any social media you have enabled!

  4. How to fully grow your plants. Maintaining your plants is a great way to attract rarer creatures: each corresponds to a higher rank of creature that particularly likes it. To maintain your plants and help them grow, we’d recommend using the 16 hour option, which costs regular acorns. This means you can leave the app for longer (and not have to water them at night!) with them being topped up. It will take several days for a plant to reach maturity, but by then you should have had some interesting new visitors!

Be careful, Tontu, that looks like a certain spooky teenager’s teddy…

Be careful, Tontu, that looks like a certain spooky teenager’s teddy…

If you’re new, you can download Hilda Creatures on the App Store here. We’re currently testing the Android version, and should be able to announce a release date soon!