Storytelling at South Ken Kids Festival 🎥

We’re busy in the studio bringing you more awesome content for Hilda Creatures, but last weekend we also had the chance to revisit our debut app, Muvimi! We were invited to the South Ken Kids Festival on Sunday 25th November to run a storytelling workshop.

This meant an hour of entertaining and (hopefully!) educating 20 children aged 7-10. We spent a short while talking about all the things that make a story memorable and engaging, before they were challenged to create their own stories.

Muvimi allows users to create short films with custom actors, decorated scenes, props, actions, and camera angles. All of this comes together in the Editing Suite to create something truly unique! Hence, the absolute odyssey below - a silent movie of intensity and sandwiches…

Check out the Muvimi YouTube channel to see more content of all genres from our users!

A huge thank you to South Ken Kids Festival for hosting us this year - it’s always a joy to see our apps being enjoyed by users IRL.

New to Muvimi? Learn more about our cartoon movie maker on its dedicated page. We also have a whole bunch of handy blog posts to help you through some of the creating and editing tools within the app.

Check out the lesson plan ideas that delve into how you can use Muvimi in a learning setting over on the Minilab blog (our educational app brand!).