So, who is BIGUMAKU again?

Hi again, BIGUMAKU’s marketer Lauren here. You might have seen us popping up on social media the last few days - and you’re probably wondering who we are!

BIGUMAKU offers beautiful artwork, and lots of space for player creativity- targeting the casual gamer, but increasing their sense of ownership. Based in East London, we are at the heart of the UK indie art and illustration scene. 

BIGUMAKU’s goals and values were born within comic publisher Nobrow Press, and developed through our children’s app development company, Minilab Studios. There, we created apps like Astro Cat’s Solar System, which even won a Webby Award! 

Our focus is now on creating games for all ages, and we’ve been pooling talent from indie and AAA backgrounds (EA, Square Enix, Ubisoft) alike. You can meet our team right here! We’re passionate about illustration, design and, of course, gaming.


In short, BIGUMAKU makes games for the kid in all of us! Look out for news of our debut mobile game, coming very (very) soon...