Muvimi Pro-Tips: How to use Camera Angles in your Muvis!

If you're reading this, hopefully you've already embarked on your very own muvi-making journey... but just in case, we'd love for you to check out our debut app, Muvimi! It's bursting with customisation options, accessories and props to make truly unique cartoon movies. But have you discovered them all? We're going to be rounding up our top tips to make the most pro movies possible, starting with camera angles!

What makes a cinematic experience feel different from a theatre show? One of the most important differences is the ability of movies to zoom in on characters. This helps viewers connect with the characters' emotions more easily. That's why we've included lots of space for playing with zooms and movement around a set in Muvimi. If you want to create really pro-looking cartoon movies, here's how...

1. Set up an exciting, decorative scene

Once you've chosen where you'll set your movie, make use of as many scenery items as possible - they can be found in the top blue button on the left hand side of the screen. 


2. Once you've placed your actors, tap to enter 'Direct mode'.

At the bottom of the screen, tap the green clapperboard button to start choosing camera positions. You'll see 3 camera options along the bottom of the screen. The first is always locked to display the whole of the viewable area so you can easily return if you need to.


3. Tap on the second and third camera angles to adjust.

When you tap on the second camera position, you'll automatically be shown a very zoomed in view. You're then free to adjust it as you like, and move it anywhere around the screen.


4. Pinch to zoom, and drag to move around!

You could zoom in on an individual character's facial expression, or fit multiple characters in view to film a conversation.


5. Hit record and get making...

Once you have your camera angles chosen, you can tap on the record button in the top right corner of the screen in Direct mode. Don't forget to tap on the actor you want to speak when you record so they speak in time with your voice!

That's it for now - while you're here, make sure to enter our contest. £100 and 2 chests of MuviStars are up for grabs!