Muvimi Pro-Tips: Emotions and Actions

You've set the scene, you've styled up the perfect actors: now you need them know, ACT! In this week's Muvimi tutorial, we're looking at adding actions and emotions to your actors, to bring your stories to life. Check out all of the Pro-Tip series here. And if you're new to Muvimi, then hurry over to the App Store to get started on iPhone or iPad!


Get started by opening up a set and placing your actors by dragging and dropping them where you'd like them to stand. Here we're setting up a classroom setting with one teacher, and a couple of students. We want to be able to show three different emotions: we've got a happy student, a sad student, and a grumpy teacher!


When you first place actors in the scene, they will default to a happy face. Let's start by giving them some actions to perform, before we move onto portraying the emotions. Tap the middle blue button on the left.


Here are the Action settings. Simply choose whichever behaviour you want your actor to perform - our teacher is going to be explaining something, so we'll actually be scrolling right to the end of the list.


You'll notice we've also given the student on the right a newspaper to read - she's a keen bean. Back to the squabbling teacher and student: tap on an actor to bring up some options. On the left, you'll see a face. This is where you can choose emotions! The button on the right will rotate your actor to face the other way.


Ta-daa! To sum up, we've added the explaining action and angry emotion to the teacher; the crying action and sad emotion to the squabbling student, and a newspaper and happy emotion to the happy student. All ready to tap the red Record button and get creating!


If you've created a masterpiece with the Muvimi app, we'd love to see it! Just tag us @BIGUMAKU or use the #Muvimi tag on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and we'll check it out! Have a great weekend everyone!

Lauren du Plessis