Muvimi Pro-Tips: Walking Scenes

Looking for a way to bring some more movement and action into your Muvimi movies? Did you know we have moving backgrounds to do just that? Read on the learn more...

It's easy to spot which backgrounds have a side-scrolling effect: simply look out for the little blue circle with a running actor inside in the top right corner. There's at least one for every theme: a high street in the Hometown Drama; a spooky forest in Fantasy Tales; and both a spaceship corridor and an alien jungle in Sci-fi Adventures!

To get started, drag actors into the scene as normal. They'll start walking automatically!

walking 1-2.gif

You can still hand small props to the actors to make the scene more dynamic. Here, we have given an animated prop (a cool sci-fi scanner) to one actor, then a static newspaper prop to the second. 

walking 2.gif
walking 3.gif

Once you're set up, just press the green filming button and choose your camera angle, before recording with your voice or music! Have you created an awesome movie using the scrolling backgrounds? We'd love to see! Tag them #Muvimi or @BIGUMAKU on social and we'll take a look...