Botany, books, and boosting your level: Hilda Creatures Update!

That’s right, Sparrow Scouts, we’re back with another update to the cutest creature collection app (not that we’re biased or anything)! Read on to find out what’s new in version 1.5, available on the App Store and Google Play now…

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revive dead planta.png

Revive Plants

We’ve received lots of feedback from our players asking us to add a way to resurrect their favourite rainbow tree if they miss a watering - so here you go! Plants that wither can now be revived using acorns or by watching a video, and will be restored to the state that they were in at the point of withering.

Very meta, Magnus…

Very meta, Magnus…

Who took a trip to Trolberg Library?

If you have novels and comics laid around your locations, you’ll now see many creatures who visit you delving into all that literary goodness. Admittedly, reading is a little difficult if you’re a woff, but you’ll see elves, vittra, fellow scouts and more sitting down for some quiet time. Try to catch the cutest photo and share it with us on Twitter and Instagram @BIGUMAKU!

SQ level 100 reached.jpg

Level boost - race you to 100?

Once again, you guys asked and we’ve been working to deliver! The level cap, which was previously 50, has now been lifted. We were amazed how quickly you all progressed and met creatures, so this was an important one! See who out of your friends can reach the top spot first…

Thank you for playing Hilda Creatures. There’s even more to come in the next few weeks, including a major new feature we’ve been keeping under wraps since the new year… watch this space!

Lauren du Plessis