Major Update: Discover Dragon Cards!

On a regular trip to the Nowhere Space with Tontu, Hilda’s eyes fell upon a strange looking box, tucked away in a corner. This was no regular game of Dragon Panic…so what was it? She’s brought it back to find out - it’s time to play Dragon Cards!

lets play dragon cards.jpg

Dragon Cards is an all-new mini game for Hilda Creatures, to play while waiting for new friends to arrive. Play with 5 elemental dragon cards, and battle them against each other to see who emerges victorious. The Sparrow Scouts and the Wood Man have offered to join in too, so you can play against any of them!

On your first play, Hilda will walk you through how it seems to work…seems safe enough, right? No demon-summoning, world-upturning magic here…hopefully… But in case you need a quick run through, here are the basics:

  • Pick your three dragons, which appear on your side of the playing field.

  • Select one to start the battle!

  • Each dragon card has strengths and weaknesses related to its element - for example, water defeats fire and ground type dragons, but water is also defeated by forest or metal dragons.

  • It’s a best of 3…unless of course, you trigger a DRAGON PANIC by choosing the same card as your opponent!

  • In this case, you continue to draw cards until one of you emerges the winner.

A cheat sheet to how the elements affect each other!

A cheat sheet to how the elements affect each other!

There are exclusive items up for grabs when you play Dragon Cards, and that’s not all! New creatures have appeared in the calendar for you to meet each day, and some more tweaks have been made that we’ll be covering here on the blog very soon. Keep an eye on our Twitter @BIGUMAKU for the latest news, and if you love Hilda Creatures please let us know by leaving a rating in the App Store or Google Play!

That’s it for now: enjoy this new chapter of your time as a Sparrow Scout in Hilda Creatures!

Lauren du Plessis