Creature Resort Devlog #2: A Magical Mood

Hello, future magic resort managers! In our last devlog, we touched on the sort of things we wanted people to feel while playing our next game, Creature Resort: relaxed, cosy, and ‘at home’, in short. But what exactly does that mean? This month’s log is all about the mood we wanted to create, and what contributed to that. So, we’re talking colour, plus a little bit about the world and mechanics involved in creating the specific experience we’re aiming for…

Well, colour us surprised…

We developed the visual aesthetic for Creature Resort largely through black and white sketching and revising. That’s all well and good…but it doesn’t say much about the ‘tropical glade’ and ‘magical island’ vibe we’re going for! We wanted the world to feel animated and exciting while retaining the overall chilled, homey vibe - so we had to experiment a lot.

We worked with a couple of colour schemes to begin with, one being pastoral and earthy while the other was darker, purpleish - maybe a little witchy. The first was very relaxing, for sure, but we were concerned it might not stand out much on the stores or feel like a distinct brand. Perhaps it would feel too realistic, in contrast with our fantasy creatures. On the other hand, the darker scheme made it feel like night all the time: good for making buildings look cosy, but a bit intense and limiting in terms of what we could populate the world with. We were already colouring some creatures in pastels and brights, and felt this was the direction we wanted to head in.

Some early building designs with the pastoral colour scheme.

Some early building designs with the pastoral colour scheme.

A small villa sketch using the ‘midnight’ colour palette.

A small villa sketch using the ‘midnight’ colour palette.

Here’s a list of the points we needed to consolidate in order to get to the perfect palette…

  • Magic permeates the world where Creature Resort is set. There needs to be potential for some sparkle!

  • Do we want a day/night cycle? What would that look like?

  • Maintain our goal of having the resort feel relaxed and homely.

  • The ground/sky will take up a lot of space on screen - especially when your resort is smaller starting out. These colours have to be especially relevant to our aims!

With all things considered, we began moving towards a pink and peach palette, with pops of green and bright pink to create highlights. A little bit of pastel here, a little bit of neon there, essentially…and we have to say, we think it looks pretty rad. No finished backgrounds to share right now, but here are some cute ground details as a hint…


Welcome to (y)our world!

Another visual point to consider was the setting itself. We knew we were working with some sort of island structure, but how would we prevent that from feeling barren or lonely?

We’re solving this by giving the island a sort of glow-y “heart”. We are keeping the exact nature of this feature a secret for now though - so do follow us on Instagram for when we do reveal more about it! On top of this, we’re looking at making the island float in some way, to create that ethereal feeling, and the sense of being detached from reality and in your own little world…

Additionally, as this is of course a resort management game, we had the chance to design some really welcoming and warm-looking villas and other amenities. Cosy lit windows, balconies overlooking the resort, hanging plant pots… basically we designed our dream home and we want to live there now.

028 basic villa wip.png

Each part of the game has a role to play in setting the tone and mood. Because we're building a casual game, we need to make it feel as pleasing and chill as possible to just check in whenever you have time - and we want those check-ins to feel really rewarding and homely. We hope this quick summary has given you more of an idea of how we’ll achieve this!

Next time, we’re going to take a deep dive into the buildings you can craft and populate your resort with. We hope you enjoyed getting a little more insight into our development process! In terms of the pipeline, the art team is super-busy designing and animating more characters, while the code + QA team have been totally smashing it with the core loop logic - creatures arriving, and buildings building!

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