Creature Resort Devlog #3: Building (in more ways than one)!

Another month, another step closer to Creature Resort launching on mobile (keep an eye on the official Twitter for any release news). And we’ve seen some BIG leaps forward recently, so we thought we’d group it all together under the theme we promised last time: building. And when we say ‘building’, we mean a few different things…

Buildings, as in architecture!

We’ve been secretive about revealing finished game assets for Creature Resort so far. But we’re in September now, so we’re actually several months into development, and some designs are all modelled, polished, and in-game. So without further ado, here is a quick intro to the buildings that will make up the foundation of your resort.
First up is the ‘villa’ building type. Home sweet home. The site of your resort will be an island-based getaway, so there will be space for several villas along with lots of amenities. Below is a full breakdown of the process from original design to finished 2D asset - this was then modelled in 3D using Maya, and textured. Scroll down to see a turnaround of the completed model! You can also see more details from this building and others on our Instagram.

This specific design is the basic villa, which is the first building block (literally) of your resort. From this simple setup you can begin customising your villas to tailor them to specific guests. For example, if you want to attract creatures like Loggo, you might want to make your villa look a bit spookier!


We know you’ve been waiting to see some finished assets too, so here’s your first sneaky peek at a textured 3D model…

Creature Resort BIGUMAKU Basic Villa.gif

Secondly, your guests are dropping by to unwind and rejuvenate their magical abilities (the modern world has a tendency to chip away at magical powers, right??). So, next up you have the ‘bathhouse’ building type. Your resort needs spa facilities to offer the most relaxing experience for all sorts of creatures, and this will all revolve around the bathhouse. Like your villa, it can be customised - but in slightly different ways. For your bathhouse, it’s all about upgrading the size from a tiny tub to what is practically a spa palace! Again, what you see below is the finished 2D draft before modelling in Maya. Keep an eye out on our social to see a finished model of this building type soon!

We’re aiming for several creatures to be able to use the bath at once, especially once it gets to a higher level. Wait till you see the bathing and swimming animations currently being worked on, like tiny sunhog paddling like there’s no tomorrow - too cute for words.


By combining a bathhouse and styled villas, you can start building your dream resort that’s carefully directed towards the creatures you want to come and visit you. As we said above, there will be more amenities you can add once you’ve got your resort started. Functional, or decorative, there’s plenty more in the works. What else would you want to see in particular? Feel free to let us know on Twitter or Instagram.

Building, as in a working version of the game!

Yup, we can finally look at the game on-device - and it does stuff! You can put a building down, move it around, upgrade it…and some of our creatures are in-game and will start to visit! It’s so exciting to have the game building regularly now, seeing each new addition really making the world feel more navigable, but also more immersive. At the end of each sprint it’s a big moment - our two developers and QA present a device to the team, the artists see their finished creatures interacting with buildings for the first time... We’re excited to start sharing actual screenshots from the game in the not-too-distant future, so make sure you’re following us wherever you can so you don’t miss a thing. And speaking of which….

Building, as in our community!

We’ve been so happy to watch our little community grow and people look forward to our new game. Developing a game takes a lot of time and a lot of ideas being developed, scrapped, refined, and so on - so having thousands of people cheering us on is a huge motivator and makes us feel even more excited to get the game to you asap.

But there’s still a little while to go. We’re currently adding small details into the world to make your resort feel busier and more personalised, as well as sorting out code that decides how creatures behave at your resort once they’ve arrived. The first pieces of music for the game have recently been gracing our ears too, and darn are they sounding good! Next up will be even more creatures, the UI, and all sort of other features….and then we’ll be well on the way to getting the game out into the world.

Thanks for reading and happy Fall everyone!

Lauren du Plessis