Introducing the Creature Calendar!

If you’ve downloaded the new Android version, or the iOS update, of Hilda Creatures, no doubt you’ll be discovering plenty of new-ness awaiting you! One of the most exciting things we’ve introduced this time is a new system to help you meet the widest range of creatures - the Creature Calendar!


Here’s how it works:

Every day, the percentage chance of meeting a certain kind of creature - like a woff or a vittra - will increase. You’ll see more of them in all the areas you have unlocked. Remember which days are the most important to play on, to help you complete your Friendship Book!

But that’s not all… there are also exclusive new faces! Each day, a special creature may appear…and one of them might just be the most requested creature we’ve had on all of our social media profiles- see above!

To top it all off, when you meet a creature who belongs to that specific day, you’ll earn more acorns from them. For example, on Furry Friends Day (Saturday) you’ll get more acorns from animals like dogs and birds.

The calendar icon on the left hand of the screen is also where you can pick up your free daily gift of acorns too. With all of this, you should be able to save up plenty of acorns to grab some awesome festive goodies while they’re available (until Jan 7th)! We hope you have Happy Holidays!

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Lauren du Plessis