New Game: Creature Resort is in Development! 🏨🌿💕

For the past couple of months, in between releasing the latest Hilda Creatures updates and celebrating the featuring we’ve been fortunate enough to have recently, we’ve also had something of a secret in the works…

We’re developing a brand new mobile game!

We’ve always had an amazing team of artists, several of whom specialise in 3D - so it only seemed natural to explore a new look for our next project! We ran art workshops and did plenty of experimenting before the first few characters began to emerge. Now, we’re so excited to reveal the first of them…

The toe beans. THE TOE BEANS!

The toe beans. THE TOE BEANS!

Creature Resort is going to be a resort management game with a difference: your guests will be creatures from all over a mysterious and colourful fantasy world. You'll meet tiny magical spirits and elegant A-listers - but your spa hotel will need to be the very best it can be (lest you receive a negative review)!

We'll be sharing devlogs and sneak peeks via our newsletter, here on the blog, and via @BIGUMAKU and @CreatureResort on Twitter, so we'd appreciate a follow if you're interested to see the game unfolding!

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More to come soon, thanks for reading!