Top Tips for Hilda Creatures: Mastering Missions!

No doubt many of you have already updated Hilda Creatures to version 1.6 and started playing Dragon Cards, but did you know there’s more to missions now, too? We’ve restructured how the missions tab looks and works, so that you can still see the progress of the challenges you have recently accepted, but also get some awesome new rewards!

Without further ado, here’s a screenshot for us to break down…

Screenshot_20190308-121012_Hilda Creatures.jpg

You missions are still accessible by the yellow exclamation icon at the bottom of your screen, however, you’ll noticed we’ve introduced a new star system to the tab! Here’s how it works:

  • When you complete a mission, you will now earn one mission point (aka a cute little star)

  • On completing five missions, and therefore earning five stars, you’ll be able to collect a special, randomly selected prize!

  • The prize could be acorns, golden acorns, or even a rare, exclusive item.

We’d love to hear which items you receive and which rare creatures you see as a result! Tag @BIGUMAKU on Twitter and Instagram (and hey, while you’re there, we’d love a follow too!).

Happy weekend, and happy Sparrow Scouting!