Muvimi Pro-Tips: Editing a Masterpiece!

Can we start by saying a huge THANK YOU to the almost 50,000 of you who've downloaded Muvimi so far? And those reviews - we are absolutely loving reading them! We don't want to get too soppy about it, but we're so chuffed that you're enjoying our debut app. If you're new here and want to get started on your own muvi-making journey, click here!

We're going over some of our top tips each week to help you make the best movies possible. Muvimi features tons of possibilities, but every movie has one thing in common: they all need editing at the end! Without further ado, here's our lowdown on the Editing Suite...


1. Open the Editing Suite by tapping the blue scissor icon in the bottom right of the map screen. Once there, you should see the screen below, with all of your recorded clips lined up in the inventory at the side. Start by dragging them in the right order onto the timeline at the bottom.


2. If you're not happy with a clip and want to delete it, simply tap and drag from the lefthand inventory - a little bin will appear in the top right corner. Just be aware that you can't undo this once it's done!


3. Once you have an order you're happy with, you can double check by pressing the play button to preview all of the clips stitched together. You can also toggle background music (which is automatically added) on and off with the blue music button. Finally, hit the green export button and you're ready to go!


4. After pressing the export button, you'll see the message below. It's time for your premiere: keep the app open while it plays and bask in its glory!


5. Last step: share your epic creation! Depending on which apps you have available on your device, you'll see some options on the pop up, or you can just press the 'more' button (three dots) to see more choices.


That's about it! We can't wait to see what you make with Muvimi - make sure to share your creations with the hashtag #Muvimi, or tag us @BIGUMAKU!