Get started on your Muvi-making career this Thursday!

🚨 We are just a few days from launch, people! 🚨

Our debut app, Muvimi, is coming to an iOS device near you on Thursday 21st June. So, what are you going do to with it? Here is the lowdown on how to get started creating your own Muvimi masterpiece (don't forget to keep checking back here for hints and tips after launch!).

Style up your actor with tons of facial features and hairstyles...

Style up your actor with tons of facial features and hairstyles...

Get started with the character creator and style up your ‘actor’. They can look however you like, with loads of options for hair, clothing, accessories, and more. You’re sure to steal the show!

Muvimi is your personal movie studio. When your actor is looking on-point, choose a movie theme and pick sets, from a chilled diner to a mysterious forest, where you can get your show on the road. Next comes the really fun part: you get to record a scene and step into the limelight!

Placing characters in Muvimi

Dress your set to look exactly how you want, and plan out what your actors are going to say - their mouths move when you talk! When you’re ready, hit the record button and make some clips. Then, it’s time to edit the final cut (a.k.a. your awesome movie). The simple editing section lets you splice together all of your clips in the perfect order. 


BOOM! Share your finished movie, and start raking in 5-star reviews from even the toughest critics…

Simple as that - you can export to social media, save to your camera roll or send it straight to friends. Get creating and tag your movies with #Muvimi so we can see your future Oscar-winners!

Muvimi is coming to the App Store on June 21st, available for iPhone and iPad.