Welcome to Muvimi Studios!

The day has arrived - Muvimi is out now on the App Store.

For the past eight months or so, we’ve been working our collective socks off to create an app that we, as gamers, would want to play ourselves. It’s not your usual endless runner, or sports game, or sci-fi odyssey…although it could be all three if you wanted! Muvimi is a cartoon video maker that lets players create their own bespoke actors, design cool sets and direct their own movies.


From the outset our focus has been on creating something that gives YOU the most creative control possible. We think there’s something for everyone.

designing character.gif

You start by styling up an actor. Simple enough, right? Actually…there are over a billion different combinations. Expect to get seriously hooked before you’ve even left Makeup and Wardrobe (we did)! From your space-age shoes to elven ears, you’ve got control over your look from head to toe. So you can recreate yourself (check out our social channels @BIGUMAKU to see our doppelgängers) or someone completely new.


Next up is choosing your theme and picking a set. Basically, you’ve just walked into Muvimi Studios, and it’s time to decide what kind of movie you’re making. Soap opera? Comedy? Fantasy? Sci-fi horror? Romance? Once you’ve chosen, go ahead and pick the right setting for the scene you want to shoot.

The final step before filming is designing every bitty detail of your scene. Background items, props, and actors can all be drag-and-dropped into place. And we’ve only created actors of the highest caliber - they can flip direction, express emotions, carry out actions (like Dad-dancing) and interact with props!

Singing logo.gif

Finally, the magic can happen. Tap record in the top right corner of your screen and tap the actor you want to talk, when you want them to talk. Here’s the super-special ingredient to Muvimi: their mouths move in time with yours! Once you’ve recorded all the clips you want, head over to the editing suite to get them in order and export or share. BOOM, masterpiece!

Or, you know, you can just open Muvimi, make a cringe-worthy in-joke in about 20 seconds, and bug your friends with it on your messenger app. Your choice.

lit park party.gif

We’d really love to hear what you think of Muvimi. Actually, we’d be even more chuffed if you sent us your videos! Just share them to Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or Facebook with the hashtag #Muvimi. Lookout for this month's competition too.

We can’t wait to see what you do with our first app!