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Hilda Creatures FAQs

How does BIGUMAKU tie into the Hilda project?

The Hilda app was produced in association with Silvergate Media, and is based on the Netflix Original Series - which itself is adapted from the Hilda comic series published by our sister company, Nobrow.

Why aren’t creatures visiting me?

Make sure you have at least one food item placed at any location you would like creatures to visit. If you want a particular creature to visit, think about the combinations of items you might be able to place alongside the food that might attract them! All creatures have different tastes and may prefer something cool, natural, or glam!

How do I earn gold acorns?

Gold acorns can be received as a rare gift from kind creatures, or purchased at the green ‘plus’ button at the top of the screen.

Muvimi FAQs


Do I have to allow access to the microphone?

Muvimi requires access to your device’s mic in order to record your voice and make the actors’ mouths move. However, it is not required and you can still use the app without allowing access to the mic. In this case, you’ll be able to record videos but without voices. You can disable or re-enable access at any time in your device settings.


My voice sounds really quiet!

For the best results, record in a quiet room and don’t shout straight into the mic to avoid distortion. Use your device’s Settings to ensure your microphone access is enabled.


How do I adjust the camera angle or zoom in?

On the set, tap the camera button (green) in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. This will take you to Direct mode. There, you can choose from several camera angles which will be arranged along the bottom of the screen. 


I’ve run out of space on my phone!

Exported Muvimi videos will be saved to your camera roll or video folder on your phone. If you have no space on your phone, your movie will not be saved. Try making space for your movie by deleting old photos, videos and music from your phone. Alternatively, you can export your movies to social media instead.


Where do I find my exported movies?

Your exported movies will be saved to your camera roll. They can be found by opening up your photo/video app or folder.


How do I flip or turn an actor round?

Just tap on your actor when they have been placed into a scene, and tap the arrows, to make them face the other direction.


How do I earn money?

The best way to earn MuviMunni is by editing and exporting finished movies. Depending on the length of your movie, presence of dialogue, and many other factors, you will be awarded a proportionate award - so lots of effort will be rewarded! You can also earn MuviMunni by placing props and scenery items for the first time. However, MuviStars are more rare in the app - if you want to boost the number of MuviStars you have to purchase a rarer item, you can buy them through an in-app purchase.


How do I give my actor different emotions?

To assign an emotion to your actor, tap on them when you are setting your scene. Then, tap on the smiley face icon, where 3 different options will pop up. You can make your actor's face look happy, sad, or angry!


There’s a lot of background noise in my movie.

For the best results, record in a quiet room. Try to avoid recording near air conditioning units and other loud appliances. Speak as directly into your phone's microphone as possible, and ensure to speak clearly.