Lights, Camera, ACTION!

Make movies with YOU as the star in a pocket-sized movie studio, and share with the world

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With Muvimi, you can create cartoon avatars that look like you and your friends, and create a unique story by directing them in exciting, customisable scenes. Make them speak with your voice, direct a blockbuster, and share with your friends and family. So, what’s it going to be - a romantic comedy? A medieval fantasy? A space-opera? Or just an amazing in-joke with your friends? Start your Muvi-making journey and showcase your talent!

Wondering how to play? Get started with the character creator and style up your ‘actor’. They can look however you like, with loads of options for hair, clothing, accessories, and more. You’re going to steal the show! When your actor is looking on-point, choose a movie theme and pick sets, from a chilled diner to a mysterious forest, where you can get your show on the road. 

Dress your set to look exactly how you want, and plan out what your actors are going to say - their mouths move when you talk! When you’re ready, hit the record button and make some clips. Then, it’s time to edit the final cut (a.k.a. your awesome movie). The simple editing section lets you splice together all of your clips in the perfect order. 


  • A movie studio in your pocket!
  • Turn yourself into a star with our actor customisation tool
  • 1000s of combos to customise your actors
  • More sets than you can snap a clapperboard at, and even more props. Set your imagination free...
  • Make your actors talk using your own voice
  • Make a hilarious cartoon movie and premiere it to your friends, or the WORLD!
  • Buddy up with your friends to collaborate on movies
  • Perfect for sending funny messages, refining your story-writing skills, and more


Muvimi is available for iPhone and iPad now. Click to download!


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